Raves and Faves

"If you have been to a Renaissance Festival, Pirate Festival, an Irish Festival, or a Highland Games, you know many of these tunes. Some tunes are refreshingly rare, and hence new. All of the arrangements are original. Diane has one of those "deep lusty voices" that punch out songs like "We Won't Wait Any Longer", and then turn around and seduce with "Glencoe". There is a nice mix of toe tapping songs, as well as a couple of slower laments."
Sinadadubh, music critic, review of 'A Rogue By Any Other Name', The Renaissance Herald, Corona, California

"I LOVE the new CD 'A Rogue By Any Other Name'. Best one ever from you. It’s the best one I've heard on the circuit in 15 years. Congratulations, and thanks."
Coy Sevier, GM Scarborough Faire and Southwest Festivals Inc.

“I love it (A Rogue…) …A true auditory feast, not to mention a joy for the heart”
Dell Humbert, Ithaqua Enterprises Inc., Houston, Texas

"What a pleasure it was to receive this cd ('Janus') from Diane Linn. This is her second one and even better than her first. The first thing that'll get your attention is Ms. Linn's voice. She has chosen her material perfectly. Whether the beautifully haunting 'Queen of Argyll', the lusty 'Three Drunken Maidens' or the simply wonderful 'Beggars to God', her clear voice fills each tune like a rich wine filling Waterford crystal. Her strong vocal stylings are so engaging that you might tend to miss the wonderful musicians backing her. It's refreshing to hear musicians so perfectly suited to a vocalist. ...This is as fine a recording as I've heard all year...Diane Linn's voice is a gift that no one will exchange."
C.M.O.T Dibbler, music critic, review of 'Janus', The Renaissance Herald, Corona, California

"I love 'A Rogue...' We play it here in the office some afternoons while we work. "
Caitlin A. Quinn Deputy Director, Consolidate Corporate Fund, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York

"Bliss is the word... 'A Rogue By Any Other Name' would sound as sweet, but only if sung by our Bard. Seriously, I do believe it's as far beyond 'Janus' as 'Janus' was beyond 'Bard of the Mountains', etc."
Patrick Edwards, Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Ms. Linn has a rich (yet not overly rich) voice which suits her selections very well. She mixed in some of my personal favorites...arranged six of the twelve (songs) by herself proving that she is much more than a pretty set of pipes. Promoters, if you can find out how to book Ms. Linn, I recommend you do so before she joins the ranks of Loreena McKennit and becomes too busy to come out and play."
C.M.O.T Dibbler, music critic, review of 'Bard of the Mountains', The Renaissance Herald, Corona, California

"Dear Diane, (or should I say Maddie Prior!!??) once again thank you for your music (this is from the shaven headed 'Englishman, - who knew most of your songs by heart.) In fact today - having to face a Monday morning at work, I raced home at lunch and played your CD (A Rogue...)-cheered me up no end."
Steve Wadsworth, England

"I was at the New York Renaissance Fair today, with my son Ken. We caught your early afternoon show. I was the guy who spent his last 15 dollars for your cd (A Rogue By Any Other Name). It was worth it! Just want to say I have your cd in my car player and love listening to it. EVEN MY KIDS ARE SINGING ALONG. REALLY GREAT. Do you have others and how can I get them?
Rich, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey.

"I can faintly hear 'Bring on the Starlight' in the edges of my mind over and over again... On the way home, it had occurred to me that I didn't get a proper chance to say a word of appreciation to you before we left. I wanted to thank you for the music, inspiration, and laughter that has made this last season the most memorable. The whole experience is all the more better from the effort you put out to bring a shard of light though the gray sky."
Damon Bagwell, Louisiana

"The more I listen to 'Janus', the more I love it - particularly the songs by Gwydion ...Your voice sends shivers down my spine (in a good way). Thank you for sharing your music...See you at TRF (Texas Renaissance Festival)."
Lori, Dallas, Texas

I am still loving "Conversations with the Moon". What a wonderful job you did on the production. This album is like a cold glass of water on a hot day - refreshing the ears and full of subtle sparkle.
Cid of Paisley Close/Houston,TX

It's a lovely album, in my humble opinion, the best one yet. I keep listening to try and pick a favorite, but it's hard. I think "Crumblin' Crazy" is a good contender for my favorite. I like the flute on "Forest Walk", very nice. The best part is waiting to see what song is going to be next. "BoldRiley-O" is strong, really showcases your voice. "The Queen and the Soldier"!!!! I'd rave more, but I'm still in awe.
Damon/Lake Charles, Louisiana

Huzzah, my lady maestro! I have been listening a bit to "Conversations with the Moon". I love "Feline State of Mind"!!! I adopted a female domestic shorthair last January. Actually, she picked me and it has been the best of relationships. What cat lover/owner can't relate?
I also love "Forest Walk". The melody! the words! so fanciful. I suggest you send a demo of this song to Ann Wilson of Heart. There are also songs that appeal to my country side. I DO LIKE THIS ALBUM.
Dennis/Dallas, Texas

Your music is wonderful. The cd (Conversations with the Moon) arrived safe and sound yesterday and I'm enjoying it now. I know the pleasure will deepen as I listen more. The artwork and your poem are both great. Your poem ode to the moon made me cry.

You inspire us each time we see you...we are sincerely honored to be part of the lunatic fringe and hope this lunacy never ends!
Tracy, Barbara and April/Houston, Texas

Hello from Minn-ee-sota! It was good to see you again at Scarborough Faire. Thanks for letting us "hop" along to your songs. As always, you rock! The new cd is great!. Nice work.
Jeff/Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great job with your new cd. I love it!
Katie/Bowling Green, Ohio

We three enjoyed being your Celtic cousins last Sunday at the Italian Renaissance Festival at Hialeah Park. Your friendly manner and raconteur talent was very much enjoyed by us. Your singing and guitar self-accompaniment are intriguing. You have a special sound and unique style that combined with your amazing way of connecting with each member of an audience with your gaze, tone and body language are most entertaining. We are enjoying the cds.
Tom, Mary & Nancy/Miami, Florida

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